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Blood, Tissue and Fluid Sampling

If you need to have a blood sample or any other sample taken, please go to one of our specimen collection centres. Be sure to take your prescription and your medical insurance card with you. Your results will be communicated directly to your physician free of charge.

Primary Services Offered

  • Blood sampling
  • Diabetes testing (glucose tolerance test)
  • Routine diagnostic tests
  • Specialized and highly specialized analyses in biochemistry, hematology, microbiology, pathology, coagulation, blood bank, serology, immunology, and medical genetics


Some samples require an appointment or specific preparations (e.g., fasting). Read your physician's request attentively.

Mandatory information for prescriptions

To ensure the reliability and timeliness of results, the following information must be provided on your prescription.

  • Your first and last name
  • Your health card number
  • The first and last name of the prescriber
  • The license number of the prescriber
  • The signature of the prescriber* and the date of the prescription
  • The full address and telephone number of the place where results must be sent
  • The first and last name of the physician who must receive a copy of your results (if any), their license number, and full address
  • The clinical information relevant to the interpretation of results
  • The tests ordered


Prescriptions that do not contain this information will be refused and the sample will not be taken.

Samples taken at home: Identification of your sample

Some samples are taken at home. Before taking your sample to the specimen collection centre, make sure the following information appears on the label.

  • Your first and last name
  • Your health card number
  • The time and date the sample was taken;
  • The type and site of the sample, when applicable (e.g.: throat, sputum, right ear, etc.)


Samples that do not contain that information will not be analyzed in the laboratory.