Access to our CHSLDs

Specific rules for CHSLDs

  • Access to common areas (living rooms, dining rooms, etc.) is permitted.
  • The wearing of a mask and hand hygiene are mandatory upon entry into the living environment and at all times (even in the room).
  • Outings outside the environment for private gatherings in a home or temporary leave are permitted according to the guidelines for the general population (some measures may need to be applied upon return).

More restrictive measures might be implemented in the living environments if there is an outbreak or a resident is isolated.

The following may under no circumstance access the living environments:

  • COVID-19 positive persons who are not considered recovered. If you are positive for COVID-19, you must wait 10 days to visit your loved ones in the hospital or nursing home. All the info here: When do I need to self-isolate.
  • persons with fever or signs and symptoms of infection or disease.
  • persons in close contact (household) with a Covid-19 positive case.

For humanitarian reasons (palliative and end-of-life care), visits to these individuals may be arranged.

Anyone who fails to comply with these guidelines might have their right of access to the living environment removed.

Before visiting the facility, consult the Preparing for a visit section (How to hand rub, How to hand wash, How to use a face covering or mask, etc.). Watch the videos!


The following rules must be followed in addition to the instructions required for visiting our facilities.

  • Disinfect your hands (when entering and leaving the facility).
  • Wear a procedure mask at all times (no face coverings). Procedural masks are provided by the facility and are available at the entrances of the facilities (1 mask per person per visit).
  • Practice respiratory etiquette (cough or sneeze into your elbow, discard the tissue immediately after use and wash your hands immediately).

Specific instructions per installation

Instruction for partners