COVID-19 vaccine | Second dose

Importance of the second dose

The 2nd dose of COVID-19 vaccine is necessary : 

  • it reduces the risk of acquiring and transmitting COVID-19;
  • it increases protection rate of the vaccine;
  • it provides optimal protection in the longer term.

One week after receiving the second dose you will be adequately protected.

The authorized interval is four weeks between doses of COVID-19 vaccines. The Comité sur l’immunisation du Québec estimates that the eight-week interval between the two doses maximizes the effectiveness of the vaccination.

Changing your appointment or not?

  • Changing your appointment for the 2nd dose is not mandatory. The 2nd dose appointment that was given to you when you received your 1st dose is still booked.
  • Vaccination appointments become available depending on the availability of doses.
  • It is the age that is considered when making the appointment, and not the year of birth.
  • When you make a new appointment to advance the 2nd dose, the one taken at the 1st dose will be automatically canceled. Your new appointment will be made at the same vaccination centre of your 1st dose.

For more information

Move up my appointment

Assistance to change your appointment

  • Try to take an assistance appointment at Clic Santé
  • Try calling 819 562-1222, option 2 (or charge free 1 877 839-1217)

Vaccination for people who have had COVID-19

For people who have had COVID-19, a single dose of the vaccine is required. The infection triggers the immune system's response the same way a 1st dose of the vaccine does. The dose of vaccine given to someone who has had COVID-19 has a booster effect the same way a 2nd dose of the vaccine does.

It is now recommended that a person who has previously had COVID-19 receive a second dose if they wish to travel. People with COVID-19 may also receive a dose of the vaccine 4 weeks after their diagnosis.