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Lyme Disease

Be on the lookout for ticks!

Lyme disease is caused by bacteria transmitted through the bite of an infected tick (insect). It generally appears as a rash at the location of the bite. Since ticks are increasingly common in Québec, it's important to take certain necessary precautions.

When taking part in outdoor activities from April to November:

  • Use a mosquito repellent that contains DEET or icaridin.
  • Avoid brushing up against vegetation.
  • When coming in after the activity, take a shower. Then check your body for ticks and remove any you find.



Have you been bitten by a tick?

Were you bitten by a tick in Haute-Yamaska or Brome-Missisquoi?

Were you bitten by a tick somewhere else in Estrie?

Common Symptoms

The most common symptom is a rash around the location of the bite, occurring in 60% to 80% of cases. It expands gradually over a period of days, generally reaching more than 5 cm across. Other symptoms can also occur, such as fever, fatigue, headache, neck stiffness, and muscle or joint aches.

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