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Examinations or tests

Hôpital Fleurimont and Hôtel-Dieu de Sherbrooke

Make sure to habe :

  • A valid health insurance card. Check the expiration year and month on your card (under your photo). If your card is no longer valid, you must renew it. Find out more at the Régie de l'assurance maladie.
  • A valid CHUS hospital card. Check the expiration year and month on your card. If your card has expired or if you do not have a hospital card, please visit the reception and admission department on the day of your appointment or hospitalization.
  • An updated list of all your current medications, including natural health products and vitamins. Ask your pharmacist for help if needed. Don’t forget to mention the name and address of your local pharmacy.

Exam preparation for patients


The documents below are designed to educate patients on the preparation and conduct of examinations.

Do not hesitate to consult them to get familiar with them..

COVID-19 | As soon as your surgery is scheduled, you must follow these guidelines until your operation.

These guidelines aim at: 
- protecting you; 
- protecting health-care personnel. 

- Voluntary isolation at home for your surgery

New Patients | Special Instructions


General medecine - Emergency

Gynecology and obstetrics

Immunology and Allergology


Medical imaging | radiology