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Fertility and assisted procreation

Located at Hôpital Fleurimont in Sherbrooke, the fertility clinic provides all reproductive health services for both men and women, including assisted procreation services. Some services are provided in partnership with a specialized centre based in Montreal, but our goal is to minimize your commuting.
Whether you need to consult for a fertility, menstrual, or hormonal issue, our team provides personalized, courteous services, and is eager to get to know you well. Our concern is to make your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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Available resources

Food and nutrition

> Prenatal Nutrition | It is essential that a pregnant woman gets all the nutrients and energy necessary for the fetus to develop while maintaining her own health.

> The Healthy Pregnancy guide |  This guide contains accurate information that will help you to make sound decisions about how to take care of yourself before, during and after your pregnancy.

Becoming a Parent Guide

Is your family about to welcome a new child? Consult the Becoming a Parent electronic guide. This guide provides you with an overview of the information on the government programs and services for future and new parents, and the formalities to complete at the birth or adoption of a child.

To obtain a personalized list of steps and a list of the main programs and services to which you may be entitled, create your personalized itinerary.