The order and the sequence of actions planned could be adjusted. We want to choose the next actions with our intersectoral partners and align ourselves with new ministerial priorities (eg. national DYP), as well as recommendations from the Commission Laurent. We will take the winter to make these adjustments.

Commit to recognizing and supporting professionals working in youth protection.  In order for youth protection workers to be able to quickly give children in compromised situations the quality services to which they are entitled, we must support them in the mission entrusted to them. It is therefore necessary to support them in making complex decisions and managing risks and to strengthen the coherence of the decisions they must take in the interests of children and with respect for their rights.

Thurst 4 Actions

Ongoing Actions

  • Contribute to and support the development of staff working in youth protection, based on best practices.
    • So that they are better equipped to deal with situations that compromise or could compromise the safety or development of the child.
  • Improve and supervise clinical practice in the various stages of youth protection (receiving and processing reports; assessment and guidance; implementation of measures).
    • In order to ensure the quality of services and to act in the best interests of the child.