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Covid-19 | Current Situation in Estrie

Friday March 27, 2020 | News

We have 130 confirmed cases in the region.

The public-health department is continuing its epidemiological investigation. Contacts of people infected with COVID-19 are being called so that they can monitor their symptoms and get a list of recommendations. The public has been cooperating very well and is being asked to continue to do so. The Prime Minister's instructions are being heard and implemented.

Situation at the Seniors' Residence Les Résidences Soleil - Manoir Sherbrooke

Eleven residents of Les Résidences Soleil - Manoir Sherbrooke have been confirmed to have the virus. Six people have been hospitalized in connection with this situation. Five employees have been tested because they had symptoms. They are in isolation in their homes awaiting results.

We are grateful for the residence's excellent collaboration in this situation. The infection was transmitted between people and is not related to a specific location. Dr. Poirier, the head of public health in Estrie pointed out the need to show solidarity with people living with the virus and help them to overcome the situation by maintaining services, such as home deliveries.

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