Clinical and Organizational Ethics Committee

Mandate of the Clinical and Organizational Ethics Committee

  • Help and support clinical or organizational decisions involving ethical issues.
  • Develop benchmarks in clinical and organizational ethics.
  • Offer ethics training to members of the CIUSSS de l'Estrie – CHUS community.

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  • Perrine Garde Granger, Physician, pathologist and associate professor

Vice-President (awaiting recommendation from the Vigilance and Quality Committee)

  • Tina Matthews (ICN member), Continuous Care and Service Improvement Nurse


  • Trevor Barnes (CM member), Reviewer
  • Jennifer Bazinet (CM member), Social worker
  • Anne-Marie Boire-Lavigne (CMDP member), Physician, Family Medicine
  • Marie-Noëlle Charbonneau (senior manager), Assistant Service Quality and Complaints CommissionerOrthopedic physician and professor
  • Aboubacar Cissé (REB member), Research Ethics Committee’s President, Professor
  • Adélaïde Doussau (ex-officio member), Ethics Advisor and Planning, Programming and Research Officer
  • Sylvie Gagnon (user), External member
  • Nathalie Guesneau (non-professional), Business Process Specialist 
  • Jessica Hétu-Cloutier (ICN member), Clinical Nursing Advisor
  • Clara Low (CMDP member), Pediatrician
  • Claude Moreau (Users' Committee), External member
  • Lyne Morissette, Retired member
  • Jessika Roy-Desruisseaux (CMDP member), Physician, gerontopsychiatry 
  • Jean-François Therrien, Spiritual care worker
  • Nathalie Tremblay (ex-officio member), Clinical and organizational ethics consultant
  • Nancy Walsh (CM member), Occupational therapist

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How to reach us

Telephone : 819-829-3400, ext. 42222
Email : comiteethique.ciussse-chusanti-spam@anti-spamssss.gouv.qcanti-spam.anti-spamca