Become a foster family

Open your heart, share your home!

Would you like to contribute to the well-being and development of a child in difficulty into their home?

By becoming a foster family, whether you live alone, in a family, or in a couple, you can help one or more youths to achieve their potential.

Learn more below about profiles of foster children, the role of the foster family, and prerequisites and procedures to become a foster family.

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Profile of foster children and adolescents

Youth aged 0 to 17 years have experienced hardship in their natural home environment and need to be able to count on a family that can, for a while, take care of them, listen to them, support them, reassure them, and love them.

These youth have been removed from their families because their parents recognize that they are unable to meet their children's needs and accept that their children be entrusted to another family that can take care of them, or because a social worker made a recommendation before a tribunal.

Children and adolescents entrusted to foster families may have behavioural issues or suffer from a physical or intellectual impairment.

Role of the foster family

Being a foster family involves:

  • an enriching family experience;
  • making a social commitment and undertaking a demanding challenge;
  • treating the child like a family member;
  • meeting the child's needs, taking care of him, listening to him, supporting him, reassuring him, and loving him;
  • being available to collaborate with social workers, professionals and experts managing the child's case and being ready to cooperate with the biological parents.

Types of foster families

The regular foster family welcomes children with short, medium and long-term issues. The foster family meets the basic and specific needs of children and offers them support and comfort.

The foster family in the Banque mixte program welcomes children at risk of being abandoned whose parents are unable to meet his needs. Children placed in a Banque mixte foster family are often very young. Adoption may be considered in certain cases.

Prerequisites to becoming a foster family

  • Must be aged 18 years or older.
  • Must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident in Canada. 
  • Must have personal, professional and financial stability to provide for the child or adolescent. 
  • Must be physically and psychologically fit.
  • Must have sufficient space to welcome a child and a living environment which complies with safety, hygiene and comfort standards.
  • Must have the aptitudes and capacity to provide assistance and support services.
  • Must never have had a criminal record or charges in relation to the abilities and behaviour required to be a foster family. (This criterion applies to all members living in the household.)


  1.  Complete the form or contact the family-type resources (FTR) recruitment department. A social worker will conduct a preliminary interview to determine whether you meet the basic criteria to become a foster family.
  2. If you meet the criteria, you will attend the online information meeting. 
  3. Then a team member will contact you to assess your characteristics, abilities, aptitudes and skills. You home or dwelling will be visited to ensure it meets the requisite criteria. Referrals and a medical certificate may also be required.
  4. The accreditation committee will inform you if your application has been retained, and a contract will be signed.
  5. A pairing exercise is then conducted to properly select the youth(s) who will be entrusted to you. The institution provides support to assist you in adequately meeting the needs of the child or teenager (training, access to specialized services, financial compensation to cover expenses, etc.).

Family-type resources (FTR) recruitment department

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