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Before going to the emergency room

1. What to do before consulting


You can contact Info-Santé or Info-Social at any time by calling 811.

Your CLSC is there for you (dressing changes, morning-after pill, bereavement, nutrition, rehabilitation services, etc.).

What your pharmacist can do for you (adjusting medication doses, monitoring treatments, health advice, etc.)

2. What to do if your condition is not urgent, but a consultation is necessary 

If you have a family physician or nurse practitioner specializing in primary care

Call your FMG, medical clinic, or CLSC for a response to your need. 

If you do not have a family doctor

If your need can't be put off, contact an FMG, medical clinic, or CLSC near you. 

Local FMG and medical clinic (French)

Find a resource with your postal code

During this wave of COVID-19, medical clinics and FMGs across the territory have mobilized to provide more access to professional services. If you need a consultation, call them.

3. What to do if it's an emergency

If your life is in danger or your condition is serious enough to require immediate attention, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

When you arrive at the emergency room, either in an ambulance or on your own, the triage nurse will assess your health problem. Due to the exceptional health situation, if your health condition does not require an emergency consultation, you will be systematically redirected to another resource (a professional or a doctor in a medical clinic for example), a pharmacist, or even your home, with self-care advice in response to your need. 

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Important | It is important to show up for your appointment!

Although hospitals have resorted to some offloading, many activities and appointments are being maintained unless otherwise indicated (in outpatient clinics, for example). If you have not been notified that your appointment has been cancelled, it is still scheduled. Thank you for showing up; it's your health that counts!