What is the DYP?

Role The Director of Youth Protection (DYP) is entrusted with enforcing the Youth Protection Act (YPA). This Act applies to children whose security or development is or may be considered to be in danger. These are children deemed to be highly vulnerable and in need of protection.

Situations in which the DYP can intervene

The DYP intervenes primarily in situations in which the security or development of a child is in danger:
  • abandonment;
  • neglect;
  • psychological mistreatment;
  • sexual abuse;
  • physical abuse;
  • serious behavioural disturbance;
  • exposure to a severe risk of becoming a victim of neglect, sexual abuse, or physical abuse.
The DYP must work with a child and his parents to end the situation that is endangering the child’s security or development and prevent the situation from recurring, in the best interest of the child and in accordance with his rights.

Resources are available to parents and youth throughout the development of the children and in accordance with their life situations. These resources differ from Youth Protection services.

  • Resources for Families

The DYP also provides:

Services to young offenders
The DYP intervenes with youth who commit offences - young offenders. Our intervention aims to protect society while simultaneously helping the young offender to assume his responsibility, to redress wrongs, and to find a way to adopt behaviours that are more suited to living in society.

Clinical programs at the rehabilitation centres

Through its rehabilitation services, the Direction du programme jeunesse (youth program directorate) offers support to any youth who wishes to take charge of his own development in order to re-establish a certain harmony in his relations with his family and his environment.

Psychosocial services and expertise to the Superior Court

At the request of a Superior Court judge and with the consent of the parents, the DYP assesses certain family situations during separation and divorce procedures, or after the separation or divorce. Our assessment aims to provide the court with recommendations regarding the custody of minor children.

Services for mothers with adaptation difficulties

Villa Marie-Claire offers accommodation to pregnant women with adaptation difficulties or provides a stay in residence for the mother and her children aged 0 to 5 years. The father of the child or the partner of the mother can be involved throughout the stay. Support is provided to the parents so that they can improve their parenting skills.

Housing resources

The Direction du programme jeunesse (youth program directorate) relies on a network of foster families and on other resources, which thus ensures a placement that is adapted to the different needs of youth who cannot live in their family environments.

Québec and international adoption

The DYP provides the services required for the adoption of a child. A child who is orphaned or abandoned, or whose parents have waived their right to exercise parental authority can count on our assistance to find a new family for him. Learn more about adoption

Searching for family antecedents and reunions

The DYP assists people who have been adopted to obtain available information about their biological parents and to contact them. We offer similar services to people who have given a child up for adoption. Reunification between parents and children always requires mutual agreement among the persons involved. Learn more about family antecedents and reunions