Emergency and seniors

Going to the emergency room (ER) with a senior citizen

►Visiting the emergency room with a senior citizen?

This booklet provides all the relevant information for your visit to the emergency room :

  • What you can do to help
  • Who will be caring for your loved one
  • Upon discharge
  • Resources

Documentation for seniors and their families

Adapting our emergency rooms to the needs of seniors

Emergency rooms are seeing more and more elderly people. This trend will increase in the coming years at the population ages. Seniors who come to the ER often have chronic or multiple problems or present situations for which the ER is not always appropriate.  To better meet their needs, the CIUSSS de l'Estrie – CHUS emergency services is improving its approach.

Geriatric emergency rooms

A geriatric emergency room has a suitable environment, specialized equipment, and professionals trained to meet the needs of seniors. The objective is to limit unnecessary hospitalizations through the promotion of independence and home care. Geriatric emergency rooms work very closely with CLSCs, residential settings, and community resources.

The emergency rooms at Hôtel-Dieu de Sherbrooke and Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital in Cowansville officially became geriatric emergency rooms in 2020 and 2021. Both are accredited by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). They were the first geriatric emergency rooms in Quebec and are examples for the entire province. 

Within the next few years, the CIUSSS de l'Estrie – CHUS intends to adapt its eight emergency rooms to the needs of seniors.

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Video: Emergency room adapted to the elderly | Hôtel-Dieu de Sherbrooke's emergency room