Recovery from hospitalization

Are you hospitalized?

Your recovery does not depend solely on caregiving staff. You and your loved ones also have a role to play, especially if you are over 75 years old.

Tools are available to help you plan your next steps. Ask your care team for them.

Tips to facilitate your recovery

(unless your physician advises otherwise)

Get moving!

Staying in bed is your worst enemy
  • Sit in your armchair at least three times a day, at mealtimes.
  • Walk to the bathroom. Walk to the living room with your visitors.
  • Do everything you are capable of: Wash, shave, brush your teeth, get dressed, get up, go to the bathroom, etc.
  • Notify the nurse if pain prevents you from moving.

Get enough food and drink

Whet your appetite!

  • Take your medications with a full glass of water (if there are no limits on how much you can drink).
  • Ask a loved one to bring your favourite snacks (notify staff). You need to eat to build your strength.
  • Wear your dental prostheses if applicable.

Prevent constipation

(3 or more days without bowel movements)

  • Eat, drink, and get moving to prevent constipation.
  • Speak to your nurse if you feel constipated.
  • Limit the use of the bedpan and of incontinence pants if you can.

Get some sleep

  • Inform us of your sleep habits (e.g.: bed against the wall, music, herbal teas, etc.) if possible.
  • Wear ear plugs if your condition allows it.
  • Avoid long naps during the day. Do not lie down all day. Do not go to bed too early at night.

Prevent disorientation and confusion

  • Engage in any activity that will keep your mind active (e.g.: crossword puzzles, puzzles, cards, etc.)
  • Wear your glasses and hearing aids, if applicable.
  • Bring pictures of your loved ones, your music, or familiar objects. Not responsible for personnal belongings. Leave your valuables at home.

Plan your discharge

  • Plan who will go to the pharmacy and who will stay at home with you.
  • Notify staff immediately if, at your home, you need to go up a flight of stairs, need to adapt your bathroom, and so on.


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