Telehealth: Online Care

Telehealth is a free service available to everyone who wants to receive remote health care and health services from a health care professional - anywhere, anytime, via a smartphone, a tablet or a computer.

How to access this service

Are you interested? Here's how:
  1. Talk to your healthcare profossionnal.
  2. Receive an invitation (by email) confirming your virtual appointment and the information necessary for its use.
  3. Get familiar with ZOOM or TEAMS before your first meeting. The Toolbox can help.
  4. Get ready to join your virtual appointment by consulting the following procedure, depending on the means of communication used by your healthcare professional.


Equipment required

  • Smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop equipped with a camera, speakers, microphone or micro-headset
  • Internet with connection speed of 10 Mbits/second

Services offered

Medical consultations

  • Evaluation without a physical examination, medical follow-up, sharing of lab results, etc.

Remote wound care

  • Assistance from a nurse specialized in wound care to assess and treat a complex wound without a visit to the hospital.
    Video | Remote wound care (French)

Telerehabilitation at school

  • Online meetings with a rehabilitation specialist or a speech therapist with the student at his school, exercises, personalized intervention plan, and so on (reduces student absences).
    Video | Telerehabilitation at school services (French)

Monitoring of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

  • Home management of chronic conditions, daily interactive questionnaire, patient education videos, personalized follow-ups and early preventive interventions by a health care professional, alerts sent for severe symptoms, etc.
    Video | Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (French)

Monitoring of cancer by an oncology pivot nurse

  • Remote meetings, symptoms evaluation, education, simultaneous meetings with various attending professionals, participation of loved ones, etc.

Speech therapy follow-ups

  • Online meeting with a speech therapist, diagnostic assessment and referrals, speech therapy interventions and exercises, evaluation of child's living environment, etc.

Telehealth in our installations

Some telehealth services cannot be accessed from home but are available at your nearby CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS facility. These services enable a remote consultation, for example, with a Sherbrooke-based specialist while saving you from having to travel long distance.
How does a telehealth meeting work?
In one of our private rooms equipped with a microphone, a television with a camera, you communicate remotely with your health professional online. You can see him, hear him and speak to him as if he were in front of you. When needed, a health care professional can be in the same room as you (e.g., to manipulate devices). You can be accompanied by the person you choose.


Telehealth is a free service for RAMQ medical insurance cardholders.

Telehealth benefits

Reduction of travel, thereby reducing stress and related expenses

Access to care and services of the same quality as those offered during face-to-face meetings

 Use of specialized health care or guaranteed continuity of nearby services


Find out why to use telehealth (French)

Other practical information

What is telehealth? (French)