How works our Appointment Centres

It is not always easy to understand the operation of the appointment center. This page will help you to find your way and to better follow the steps of your appointment.

Before your appointment

1. Your attending physician fills out an appointment request form and sends it to the appointment centre.

The physician usually sends the request form to the appointment centre. If such is your case, you don't have to do anything. However, if your physician gives you the request form, make sure that the requested information is provided (i.e., last name, first name, date of birth or social insurance number, mailing address, phone number where you can be reached between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.). Send the duly completed form to the indicated address (by mail or by fax).

2. The appointment centre classifies and processes your request form.

Completed forms are added to the regional computerized clinical file.
Incomplete forms are returned to the attending physician. 
A request is returned if:
  • the required information is incomplete or illegible;
  • the attending physician did not follow the case management protocol;
  •  the patient needs to be referred to a medical specialist in his region.

3. A notice of reception is sent to you.

If the request form is duly completed, you will receive a notice of reception by mail within 2 to 3 weeks.

4. Your request is priority coded.

The specialists concerned revise your request's priority code and your request is then added to a waiting list. Waiting periods may vary by specialty, physician and priority code.  Your waiting period may extend from a few weeks to a few months.

5. The appointment centre confirms the date of your appointment.

You will receive either a call or a notice by mail or email from the appointment centre confirming the date of your appointment along with the required information on how to go to the designated clinic.

6. You need to cancel or postpone your appointment.

If you need to cancel or postpone your appointment, you must notify the appointment centre as soon as possible so that another patient can be assigened your time slot. You can notify the centre by filling out the online form at least 48 hours before your appointment. If you must cancel your appointment within 48 hours, please call the appointment centre.


Online Forms

> Cancelling Your Appointment

> Postponing Your Appointment

Appointment cancellation or postponement deadlines 
In accordance with the regulations established by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux, your name will be removed from the waiting list:

  • the third (3rd) time you postpone or refuse your appointment;

  • at the second unexplained absence. (Please note that postponing or cancelling an appointment on the same day as your appointment is scheduled is considered an absence because the appointment centre does not have sufficient time to assign your time slot to another patient.) 

7. The appointment centre coordinator reminds you of your appointment on your voice messaging system.

The appointment centre coordinator will leave a message on your voice messaging system reminding you of your appointment four (4) days before the scheduled date.

On the day of your appointment

1. What do you need to take to your appointment?

You will need to take:  

  • Your valid medical insurance card
    If you do not have a valid medical insurance card, you must pay to receive the medical services you require.
  • Your hospital card
    If you do not have a valid medical insurance card, you must pay to receive the medical services you require.
  • Your medications list updated by your pharmacist

Waiting room

  • Despite having a scheduled appointment, you may still have to wait. Make plans to occupy your time.
  • If you are with a baby or a child, bring diapers, milk, and a toy or two.
  • Diabetic patients must bring a snack and their medications.
  • If you need assistance or are mobility impaired, have someone accompany you.

2. Go to the designated hospital.

3. Go to the clinic's reception desk to register.

Arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment to register at the reception desk of the designated clinic. You will need to take your valid medical insurance card and your hospital card.

Once your registration is completed, you will be sent to the designated waiting room.  

4. Your name will be called for your consultation.

You may have to wait in the waiting room even though you have a scheduled appointment.

Due to our education mission, the physicians and professionals you meet may be accompanied by medical students, residents or interns.

After Your Appointment

  1. The results of your consultation are sent to your attending physician.
  2. If you wish to make a comment or provide feedback, please contact the users' committee.
  3. If you wish to thank one of our departments or health care professionals, please fill out the form of the Fondation du CHUS.