Cancelling your request for an appointment or your appointment with a specialist

Use this form:

  • If your case is being managed elsewhere
  • If your health issue has been resolved 
  • If you have moved to another region
  • If you no longer need to see a medical specialist
  • For any other reason whatsoever

By cancelling your appointment, you are making it possible for another patient to take your time slot. 

Cancelling your appointment will take 5 minutes of your time.


You will need to provide the following information:

  • your medical insurance number (on your sun card)
  • your hospital card or your date of birth
  • your notice of reception or confirmation for an appointment (if you have received one)
  • a valid e-mail address

The above information will help us to identify you and to ensure you are the correct person.


Fill out the form >> 

To cancel your appointment at a at the collection centre or vaccination center, go to

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Online Data Transmission | Privacy

No personal data is permanently stored on our servers.

When you provide your information through the secure forms of an appointment center, the information is sent through an electronic messaging system (e-mail) and may involve confidentiality risks.

The CIUSSS de l'Estrie – CHUS cannot guarantee the confidentiality of information transmitted by e-mail.