Caring for your health

You wish to improve your health?

Caring for your health is a free program offered to adults aged 18 and over who wish to improve their health, prevent or control:
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Heart or respiratory disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
Take charge of your health now!

What is Caring for your health?

Once registered, participants are invited to attend various workshops that address the following topics: physical activity, nutrition, stress and sleep management, behavioural change, healthy weight maintenance, learning to live and cope with a chronic disease, smoking, and drug, stimulant and alcohol abuse.

Caring for your health also offers:

  • health condition assessment and monitoring;
  • sessions at the gym with specialists for those who have or who are at great risk of developing a cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or a pulmonary disease; 
  • tobacco cessation support.


    Why register with the program?

    • To help you take charge of your health
    • To adopt a healthy and active lifestyle
    • To get moving
    • To make better and more balanced nutrition and dieting decisions
    • To achieve and maintain a healthy weight balance
    • To manage your stress
    • To sleep better
    • To make enlightened, informed decisions when it comes to consuming tobacco, alcohol, stimulants and drugs
    • To learn to live and cope with a chronic disease, and to control its progress and related symptoms

    When are the workshops offered?

    Workshops are offered day and evening, at different times of the year. When you register, we will inform you of the schedule of workshops that interest you.

    How can I participate in the workshops?

    Register with the Caring for your health program:
    • by speaking to your physician or a health care professional; 
    • by contacting your local CLSC (see coordinates on the back side of the folder);
    • by completing the online form
    Once you have completed your registration, a local worker will contact you to organize your participation in the program.

    Registering with Caring for your health

     Register near your home


    By phone

    • Coaticook: 819-849-9102, ext. 57316
    • Granit: 819-583-2572, ext. 2470
    • Haut-Saint-François: 819-821-4000, ext. 38232
    • Haute-Yamaska: 450-375-1692
    • La Pommeraie: 450-375-1692
    • Memphrémagog: 819-843-2572 (Ask for the health reception desk.)
    • Sherbrooke: 819-780-2222, ext. 48960
    • Val-des-Sources: 819-879-7158, ext. 39606
    • Val-Saint-François: 819-542-2777, ext. 55268