In Estrie, nearly 25% of children under 2 years of age are not adequately protected against measles.

Signs and Symptoms

Measles is a potentially serious respiratory viral infection in children. People with the disease usually have:

  • A high fever
  • Eye redness 
  • Flu-like symptoms (cough and runny nose)
  • A characteristic reddish skin rash on the face, torso, and limbs that may appear a few days after the onset of symptoms. 


Complications of measles can be common and include: 

  • Ear infection
  • Pneumonia
  • Hospitalization
  • Damage to the brain causing significant developmental delays
  • Death

If you have symptoms

Call 811 as soon as symptoms appear. You might be referred to your clinic to make an appointment with your family doctor. If you don't have a family doctor, call the Primary Care Access Point at 811 and select option 3. 

Inform the clinic of your symptoms before going there. The staff there will tell you what precautionary measures must be followed to avoid infecting others.


Since no treatment is yet available for measles, vaccination is the best protection against the disease. The regular vaccination schedule includes a first dose at 12 months of age and a second dose at 18 months of age. 

The recent decline in the proportion of adequately vaccinated young children opens the door to a major upsurge of measles in our region. In the event of an outbreak, unvaccinated children will need to be removed from the affected school or child-care setting.

Vaccinating children against measles is safe. The most common side effects are:

  • Mild fever
  • Drowsiness or irritability.

Where to get vaccinated

Children 5 years old and under

Des Sources

  • Hôpital, CLSC et Centre d'hébergement d'Asbestos
    Mission CLSC
    475, 3rd avenue, Val-des-Sources
    819-879-7151, ext. 39438


  • CSSS du Granit
    3569, Laval Street, Lac-Mégantic 
    819-583-0330, ext. 37523.    
  • CSSS du Granit – Point de service de Lambton
    310-A, Principale Street, Lambton
    418-486-7441, ext. 36253 ou 819-583-0330, ext. 37523   
  • CSSS du Granit – Point de service de Saint-Ludger
    210-A, La Salle Street, Saint-Ludger 
    819-583-0330, ext. 37523.

Haut Saint-François

  • CLSC Weedon
    460, 2nd Avenue, Weedon
    819-821-4000, ext. 38300 
  • CLSC East Angus
    149, Kennedy Street, East Angus
    819-821-4000, ext. 38300 


  • Haute-Yamaska
    CLSC Yvan Duquette 
    294, Déragon Street, Granby 
    450-375-1442, ext. 66715.
  • CLSC de Waterloo 
    48, Young Street, Waterloo
    450-375-1691, ext. 69300.


  • CSSS de Memphrémagog
    50, Saint-Patrice E Street, Magog
    819-843-2572, ext. 2110.
  • CSSS de Memphrémagog – Point de service de Potton
    314, Principale Street, Potton 
  • CSSS de Memphrémagog – Point de service de Stanstead
    435, Dufferin Street, Stanstead


  • CLSC de Cowansville-du-Sud
    397, de la Rivière Street, Cowansville
    450-266-4342, ext. 4.
  • CLSC de Farnham
    660, St-Paul Street, Farnham
    450 293-3622.
  • CLSC et Centre d’hébergement de Bedford
    34, St-Joseph Street, Bedford
    450 248-4321.


  • CLSC King Est
    1200, King East Street, Sherbrooke
    819-780-2222, ext. 46000.

Val Saint-Francois

  • CLSC – Urgence mineure – Centre d’hébergement de Windsor
    23, Ambroise-Dearden Street, Windsor
    819-542- 2777, ext. 55209.
  • CLSC de Richmond
    110, Barlow Street, Richmond
    819-542-2777, ext. 55040.
  • CLSC – Centre d’hébergement de Valcourt
    1150, Champlain Street, Valcourt
    819-542-2777, ext. 55159.

How to determine if your child has been fully vaccinated

  • Your child's vaccination record contains a table with each of the recommended vaccines according to age. The record is separated into sections for each disease for which vaccination is recommended. 
  • Compare the vaccines listed in the different sections of the vaccination record with the number of doses listed in the vaccination schedule. If necessary, you can ask a health-care professional for help (pharmacist, 811, etc.). 
  • If your child has not received the vaccinations recommended for their age, please refer to the "Where to get vaccinated" section.
  • To obtain a copy of your vaccination record, click here

It's a myth

Note that numerous studies in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Quebec confirm that there is no link between autism or other developmental disorders and measles vaccination. 

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