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Medical Records and Archives

Medical Records and Archives

Every user aged 14 years of age or over has right of access to their medical record, be it to obtain a copy, a summary, a specific item, or a certificate contained in it. 

Certain restrictions may apply (French)

Who can consult my medical record?

When required for the provision of care, health care professionals also have access to the user's record (within the scope of their functions).

Access to a deceased user's medical record

As regards access to a deceased user's medical record, confidentiality is upheld.

However, section 23 (French) of the Act Respecting Health Services and Social Services states that the heirs, legatees by particular title and legal representatives of a deceased user are entitled to be given communication of information contained in his record to the extent that such communication is necessary for the exercise of their rights in such capacity. The same applies to the person entitled to the payment of a benefit under an insurance policy on the life of the user or under a pension plan of the user.

Source:  Commission d'accès à l'information du Québec

What procedures do I need to take to access my medical record?

Mail a written request to the Archives Department of the service point where you received care or services. Your request must mention: name, address, date of birth, receiver's mailing address, phone number, the documents required and the dates. Sign and date your request.

No personal information will be transmitted over the phone.

Complete the form and send it to one of the following archives departments:

Find an archives department

  • Centre de santé et de services sociaux de la MRC-de-Coaticook
    138, Jeanne-Mance Street, Coaticook (Quebec)  J1A 1W3
  • Centre de santé et de services sociaux de Memphrémagog
    50, St-Patrice Street East, Magog (Quebec)  J1X 3X3
  • Centre de santé et de services sociaux du Granit
    3569, Laval Street, Lac-Mégantic (Quebec)  G6B 1A5
  • Centre de santé et de services sociaux du Val Saint-François
    79, Allen Street, Windsor (Quebec)  J1S 2P8
  • CJE (Centre jeunesse de l'Estrie)
    594, Queen-Victoria boulevard, Sherbrooke (Quebec)  J1H 3R7
  • CLSC Camirand
    50, Rue Camirand, Sherbrooke (Quebec)  J1H 4J5 
  • CLSC de Cookshire
    700, Craig North Cookshire-Eaton (Quebec)  J0B 1M0
    Phone: 819-821-4000
  • CLSC King Est 
    1200, Rue King Est, Sherbrooke (Quebec)  J1G 1E4
  • CLSC de Weedon (Centre de santé et de services sociaux du Haut-Saint-François)
    460, 2th Avenue, Weedon (Quebec)  J0B 3J0
  • CLSC Yvan-Duquette (Haute-Yamaska)
    294, Déragon Street, Granby (Quebec)  J2G 5J5
  • CRDE (Centre de réadaptation en dépendance de l’Estrie)
    1930, King Street West, Sherbrooke (Quebec)  J1J 2E2
  • CRDITED (Centre de réadaptation en déficience intellectuelle et en troubles envahissants du développement de l’Estrie)
    1621, Prospect Street, Sherbrooke (Quebec)  J1J 1K4
  • CRE (Centre de réadaptation Estrie)
    300, Rue King Est, Sherbrooke (Quebec)  J1G 1B1
  • Hôpital Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins
    950, Principale Street, Cowansville (Quebec)  J2K 1K3
  • Hôpital, CLSC et centre d'hébergement d’Asbestos
    475, 3rd Avenue, Val-des-Sources (Quebec)  J1T 1X6
  • Hôpital de Granby
    205, Leclerc boulevard West, Granby (Quebec)  J2G 1T7
  • Hôpital et centre d'hébergement Argyll
    375, Argyll Sherbrooke (Quebec)  J1J 3H5
    Phone: 819-780-2222
  • Hôpital et centre d'hébergement D'Youville (Centre de santé et de services sociaux – Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Sherbrooke)
    1036, Belvédère Street South, Sherbrooke (Quebec)  J1H 4C4
  • Hôpital Fleurimont
    3001, 12th Avenue North, Sherbrooke (Quebec)  J1H 5N4
    Phone: 819-346-1110, ext. 14379
  • Hôtel-Dieu de Sherbrooke
    580, Bowen Street South, Sherbrooke, (Quebec)  J1G 2E8
    Phone: 819-346-1110, ext. 14379


In accordance with the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information, fees are payable in advance for some services, such as:

  • outpatient certificates
  • hospitalization certificates
  • time of birth certificates
  • requests photocopies of record exceeding 20 pages.

Processing time


At the request of a user, an institution must send a copy or summary of, or an extract from, the user’s record to another institution or to a professional as soon as possible.

The Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information grants public bodies 20 calendar days to give notice.

Out of respect for the users, requests are processed in the order in which they are received.