Informal Caregivers

Informal caregivers take part in the care and services provided to users, regardless of the age, living environment, or nature of the disability of the people they support. It is therefore important to support their role on a daily basis.

Are you an informal caregiver or a visitor?

1.    An informal caregiver is someone who, on a continuous or occasional basis, provides support (e.g., personal-care assistance or emotional support) to a user who has a temporary or permanent disability. Accompanying persons are subject to the same rules governing access to care settings as informal caregivers. 

Does your relative have a temporary or permanent disability?

If either of these phrases sounds familiar to you, it is because your relative has a temporary or permanent disability: 

  • "Right now, my relative is not able to..." 
  • "Right now, my relative needs support for..."

2.    A visitor is a person who wishes to visit a user who is not a family member and who does not meet the definition of informal caregiver (e.g., courtesy visit). 

Other Resources

Do you have questions about your relative's rights or your role as an informal caregiver? Do you have a complaint or dissatisfaction to express pertaining to your relative? Do you want to know the rules of care and service environments? Resources are available for you.

Your Relative's Rights

To learn more about the rules of care and service environments or your role as an informal caregiver: 

For support in your role as an informal caregiver

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