Specialized services for intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Specialized services to enable the social integration and participation of persons with an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder. These services may include the following activities:
  • Performing a functional assessment of the individual
  • Making professional assessments available
  • Defining the intervention plan, implementing it, and reviewing it periodically
Other services are provided based on the needs and profiles of individuals in order to encourage development projects (for children) or life projects (for adults):
  • Intensive behavioural interventions
  • Early childhood stimulation
  • Specialized support services in the person's natural living environments
  • Professional services (psycho-education, psychology, neuropsychology, sexology, etc.)

Assistance to families and relatives

When required, specialized services intended to:
  • support the development of the abilities of parents and relatives to intervene with the individual;
  • support the development of new competencies among parents and relatives to optimize the effect of adaptive and rehabilitation interventions;
  • provide support in certain initiatives aimed at the integration of the individual.  

Supporting partners

These services are intended to support our partners in acquiring competencies to foster the development of users and to enable their integration and social participation.  

Access to specialized services

Reception, orientation and evaluation service

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