You can help

Are you concerned about a child's situation?

Have you witnessed or are you worried about a situation that concerns a child's safety or development? You can report this confidentially to the DYP.

Filing a report with the DYP

Would you like to work with young people?

The needs are great and we are continuously recruiting. Many job categories lead the way to social work with the youth clientele at our institution.

Learn more about your options

Do you wish to become a foster family or to adopt a child?

Learn more about the roles of foster families or about adoption and the steps required to make a difference in a young person's life.

Becoming a foster family

Adopting a child

Do you wish to improve the well-being of our local youth?

Our foundations are united to improve care and services. You can participate in their activities, make a donation, or become a volunteer.

Contribute (French)