Rehabilitation center for youth and mothers with difficulties

The Rehabilitation centre for youth with difficulty (Centre de réadaptation pour jeunes en difficulté d'adaptation -CRJDA), also known as Youth centres or Child and youth protection centres, welcomes young people from 6 to 17 years of age who have difficulty adapting to society and who require specialized rehabilitation. This difficulty is linked, among other things, to personal factors and is manifested by maladaptive behaviours that are problematic in their relationship with their environment. The young people are supervised by educators who help them develop skills to ensure their reintegration into their family environment. The CRJDA has two facilities in Sherbrooke : the Point of Service Val-du-Lac and the Point de service Foyer Kelly.

Villa Marie-Claire, located in Sherbrooke (Vieux-Nord district), welcomes women with adjustment difficulties during their pregnancy or for a stay of the mother with her children aged 0 to 5 years. The child's father or the mother's spouse can be involved throughout the stay. Support is provided for parents to develop their parenting skills.

Work projets

The educators collaborate with external partners to offer work projects to the adolescents housed. For example: work on a farm or in a greenhouse, etc. In addition, youth participate in activities on the Val-du-Lac site such as the general store, the thrift store and community gardens.

Amélie, educator in the greenhouse.

Group at the farm.

360° photo tour of the site and units life codes

Thank you to the users' committee of the Centre jeunesse de l'Estrie for having contributed to this project.