Urgences-Santé 911

Hotline available 24/7.

Dial 911 immediately if:

  • Someone's life is in danger.
  • Someone's health is threatened.
  • Someone is in distress.
  • You have witnessed a serious accident or a crime.
  • Someone needs an ambulance.
  • Someone needs immediate assistance and needs to go to a hospital emergency room

What happens when you call 911?

  1. A worker will ask you a series of questions to prioritize your emergency. You will also be asked for the address of the emergency location.
  2. The worker will notify the appropriate respondents (police, firefighters, paramedics).
  3. The first respondents and rescue workers will go to the site of the emergency.
The 911 worker may give you some instructions while you wait for help. Stay on the phone while the worker gives you instructions and answers your questions. Hang up only when instructed to do so.

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