Alcohol, drugs, gambling, and cyberaddiction

Do you or your child have a problematic use of or addiction to drugs, alcohol, or medications? To gambling or money? Are you a cyberaddict or are concerned about a loved one?
Needs assessments, referral services, and accompaniment services are available for individuals and their loved ones.

How to access services for addictions:

If you don't have a family doctor... 

If you already have a family doctor...

Consult him or her. Your doctor can:

  • Assess your physical and mental health and request the tests you need;
  • Prescribe appropriate treatments for your condition;
  • Monitor your health status temporarily or regularly;
  • Refer you to the CLSC for an adapted evaluation or a follow-up;
  • File with Mental Health Access Mechanism a request for a consultation.

    What is the Mental Health Access Mechanism?
    It is the gateway to accessing mental health care and services for adults. Its purpose is to guide you to the appropriate service. The access desk’s team performs a general situational assessment and determines which service can best respond to your needs. 

Access to services

Specialized rehabilitation and lodging services

Specialized rehabilitation services for addictions are intended for teenagers and adults dealing with problematic substance use (alcohol, drugs, and medications), gambling, and internet use (cyberaddiction).

These services are free, confidential, bilingual, and accessible throughout the institution’s territory. 


  • Evaluation of the issue using screening and assessment tools;
  • Individual interventions and monitoring;
  • Various group therapies;
  • Rehabilitation centre and withdrawal management services if needed;
  • Treatment to manage withdrawal symptoms, including treatment for opioid addiction;  
  • For youth dealing with addictions: individual interventions in their living environments (including school);
  • Rehabilitation services are guaranteed for pregnant women and the parents of young children dealing with addiction;
  • Support for the loved ones of addicts: the parent of a child (teenager or adult) and loved ones (spouse, brother, sister, significant other);
  • Referral to resources and services that can respond to the specific needs of the individual.


  • To reduce the devastating consequences of alcohol, drug, gambling, and cyber- addiction.
  • To act on the factors that contributed to the development of the user’s addiction.
  • To motivate users to make changes and to pursue new lifestyle habits.
  • To help addicts to develop strategies to modify their habits.
  • To significantly improve the health and well-being of individuals by encouraging a reduction in alcohol and drug consumption, gambling, and online use.

Our rehabilitation centres

Centre Jean-Patrice-Chiasson
RLS de Sherbrooke, Des Sources, Coaticook, Memphrémagog, Granit, Haut-Saint-François, Val-Saint-François

Centre de réadaptation en dépendance de Granby
RLS La Pommeraie et Haute-Yamaska 
To access the services of a rehabilitation centre, you can contact the Psychosocial intake desk of your CLSC or the rehabilitation centre in your region:

  • Centre Jean-Patrice-Chiasson : 819-821-2500
  • Centre de réadaptation en dépendance de Granby : 450-375-0022

Program to assess and reduce the risk of impaired driving (PERRCCA) – SAAQ

The Program to assess and reduce the risk of impaired driving (PERRCCA) is intended for drivers who were arrested or condemned for driving one or more times under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

It is provided within the framework of an agreement between the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) and the CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montréal.

Registration and information

Tel.: 1-888-385-0046


Website: CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montréal (French only)

Rehabilitation services offered at the CLSC

Needs assessments and referrals

To initiate a change, schedule an appointment with a psychosocial worker at your CLSC.

During the initial meeting, the worker may:

  • Discuss your alcohol, drug, gambling, or cyberaddiction with you as well as its impact on you and your loved ones;
  • Assess your needs and suggest solutions adapted to your situation;
  • Guide you to assistance resources;
  • Introduce you to the Alcochoix+ program. It is intended for adults who are concerned with their alcohol consumption and who wish to change their habits.

Depending on your needs, the worker may recommend the following methods:

  • Individual, couples, or family monitoring to achieve drug, alcohol, gambling, or online habits that are safe and comfortable for the user;
  • Support for maintaining the individual’s social, professional, and family commitments;
  • Relapse prevention support and assistance services.