Ma famille, ma communauté

Ma famille, ma communauté is a program that mobilizes the community (citizens, political and economic leaders, community organizations, schools, daycares, etc.) around child protection. In concrete terms, people in the community are involved in various ways to support youths and their families in order to avoid placement or to minimize the risks if it is necessary.

In Estrie, the Ma famille, ma communauté program is being deployed in Des Sources local service network (RLS) and will gradually be implemented in the other RLS. 

How To Help

Community Partners

The Ma famille, ma communauté program lets you help vulnerable youth and families in a variety of ways: 

  • Supporting parents in their parenting role 
  • Participating in team decision-making (TDM) meetings
  • Offering a room to hold TDM meetings 
  • Contributing to or supporting the recruitment of foster families 

About the TDM meetings
The centerpiece of the Ma famille, ma communauté program is the team decision-making (TDM) meeting). It brings together various people from the community (family, friends, care providers, teachers, doctors, etc.) who are concerned about the child's situation and that of their family. Together, they reflect on the child's living environment and on solutions that ensure that the child's safety and development needs are met at all times.

Citizens and Foster Families

One of the goals of the Ma famille, ma communauté program is to recruit and support foster families in the communities where it is implemented.

Are you interested in becoming a foster family or do you know someone who is? Get in touch with us! Find more information and contact information:

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