Foster Families

Making a difference

If you wish to make a difference by welcoming a child from the region into your life, here are the criteria you must meet to become a foster family:

  • be single, in a couple, in a regular, single-parent or homo-parent family;
  • be aged between 25 and 65 years old;
  • be a stable family for at least two years (regular foster family) or three years (foster family, Banque mixte);
  • be financially stable;
  • have the physical space to welcome a child and a living environment that complies with safety, hygiene and comfort standards;
  • be physically and psychologically fit.

Three types of foster families

  • A regular foster family welcomes children for the time necessary to prepare him to return to their parents. This may be in the form of respite (occasional stays); assistance (one to sixty days); a placement of two to six months or for a period of six months to two years.
  • The long-term foster family welcomes children until they reaches the age of majority in order to guarantee their stability in the long term. They may have contacts with their parents or with any other person that is significant to them.
  • The foster family in the Banque mixte program welcomes children at risk of being abandoned whose parents are unable to meet their needs. Those children need to be integrated early into a family that plans to adopt.


Your commitment: Be available to meet the needs of the child

  • Consider him an equal member of your family. Believe in his potential during his development phase.
  • Meet his needs, take care of him, listen to him, support him, reassure him, and love him.
  • Accept that his path has been difficult and that he sometimes will express his anxiety when dealing with change.
  • Be ready to cooperate with the child's natural parents.
  • Be available to cooperate with the workers, professionals, and experts involved in the child's case.
  • Be ready to protect the child and to facilitate his return to his natural family or to the family that will care for him in the long term.

Procedures to become a foster family

  1.  Contact the resources Department if you are interested.
  2. You will be invited to an information meeting. Then you will be able to define your foster home project, and complete and return the requisite documents.
  3. Your capacities and capabilities will be assessed and your profile drawn, in particular of your family dynamics and the characteristics of the children you are capable of accepting. Your criminal background will be checked and your house or dwelling inspected to ensure it meets physical standards. Finally, you will be asked for referrals.
  4. You will be invited to an awareness-raising day (for foster families, Banque mixte).
  5. Your file will be examined followed by a favourable recommendation or not of your application to the accreditation committee.
  6. You must sign a foster family contract.
  7. You will be paired with a child who meets your capacity to welcome him.

Resources Department

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