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Foster Families

Making a difference

If you wish to make a difference by welcoming a child from this region into your life, here are the criteria you must meet to become a foster family:

  • Must be single, in a couple, or in a regular or single-parent family;
  • Must be 18 years of age or older;
  • Must be a Canadian citizen;
  • Must not have a criminal record or be the subject of a complaint in relation to the abilities and behaviour required to be a foster (applies to all adults living under the same roof as the applicant);
  • Must have sufficient space to welcome a child and a living environment which complies with safety, hygiene and comfort standards;
  • Must be physically and psychologically fit;
  • Must have the aptitudes and ability to provide assistance and support services.

Role of the foster family

The project privileges the return of the child to his natural family environment as soon as possible. However, an alternative living project must be contemplated, including placing the child with a meaningful person or with a regular foster family for the time needed. The duration may last from a few months to the child's majority.

Being a foster family means:

  • Having basic aptitudes;
  • Accepting new responsibilities;
  • Having an enriching experience;
  • Having a family experience;
  • Adopting a lifestyle; Being socially committed and undertaking a demanding challenge;
  • Treating the child like a family member; Believing in the child’s potential for development;
  • Meeting the child's needs, taking care of him, listening to him, supporting him, reassuring him, and loving him;
  • Being ready to cooperate with the child's natural parents;
  • Being available to cooperate with the workers, professionals, and experts involved in the child's case;
  • Being ready to protect the child and to facilitate his return to his natural family or to the family that will care for him in the long term. 

Procedures to become a foster family

  1. Contact the intermediate resources and family-type resources (IR-FTR) quality assessment department if you are interested.
  2. A worker will contact you to proceed with a pre-interview to determine whether your application meets basic MSSS criteria.
  3. If it does, you will be invited to an information meeting.
  4. Your capacities and capabilities will be assessed and your profile drawn, in particular, aspects of your family dynamics and the characteristics of the children you are capable of accepting. Your criminal background will be checked and your house or dwelling inspected to ensure it meets physical standards. Finally, you will be asked for referrals.
  5. Your file will be studied by an accreditation committee, and then your application will be recommended or not depending on our needs.
  6. The institution will proceed with a pairing exercise and you will be entrusted with a user.
  7. The institution will proceed with a pairing exercise and you will be entrusted with a user.
  8. The signing of a foster family contract will launch our business relationship.

IR-FTR quality assessment department

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