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Childbirth and delivery

The big day is finally coming!

Choose the location where you wish to give birth:  hospital or birthing centre, and know how to prepare.

COVID-19 | Due to the pandemic, preventive measures are put in place and applied to protect as well as protect your family, other families and staff. Consult the measurements in the maternity units (French). Consult the measurements in the Neonatal unit
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Giving birth at the hospital

Hôpital Fleurimont, Sherbrooke

Video | Childbirth at Hôpital Fleurimont | Visit our maternity unit

Brochure | Childbirth at Hôpital Fleurimont information booklet

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Coordinates |
Unité de maternité (24 hours per day, 7 days on 7) : 819 346-1110, ext. 14115
Hôpital Fleurimont, 5th floor , 3001, 12th Avenue North, Sherbrooke

Hôpital de Granby

If you have chosen to give birth at Hôpital de Granby, you will be accompanied by a team that is recognized for its professionalism and family approach.

Our birthing centre staff will take all necessary measures to ensure that the birth of your child occurs in conditions that are optimal for respect and well-being. At the time of welcoming your newborn, you will be heard, encouraged, and supported in all of your decisions. Your spouse and other people present who are meaningful in your life will also have their very own place in the birthing experience.

Video | Tour of Hôpital de Granby for future parents (French)

Brochure | Childbirth at Hôpital de Granby (French)

Brochure | Le peau à peau (French)

Childbirth plan (French)

Coordinates |
Unité de maternité, néonatologie et pédiatrie (24 hours per day, 7 days on 7) : 450 375-8000, ext. 62270
Hôpital de Granby, 2nd floor east, 205, boul. Leclerc West, Granby

Hôpital Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins

In 1999, our hospital became the first institution in Canada to receive Baby-Friendly accreditation. This accreditation was renewed in 2004 while our CLSCs received their first accreditation in 2005. The process for a third accreditation is under way. The Baby-Friendly Initiative (BFI) benefits both babies who are and babies who are not breastfed.

The caregiving environment is one of warmth and of respect for everyone's values. Our mission is to support parents in their role. The birthing pavilion offers a unique room concept: the delivery, hospital stay, and rooming-in all take place in the same room - 24/7. The installations facilitate the presence of the father or of a significant other both day and night.

Coordinates |

Pavillon des naissances (24 hours per day, 7 days on 7) : 450 263-2220, ext. 35503
Hôpital Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins, 2nd floor, 950 Principale Street, Cowansville

Unité mère-enfant - Granit

Your baby will soon be born. You are expecting him/her and already love your child.

The obstetrics staff in the mother-child unit is willing and prepared to share this unforgettable and unique experience that is the birth of your baby.

We will do everything to personalize this happy event. We will gladly answer your questions and reassure you throughout your journey to motherhood.

Coordinates |
Unité mère-enfant Granit (obstetric) : 819 583-0330, ext. 2307 or 2300
CSSS du Granit, 1st floor, 3569 Laval Street, Lac-Megantic

What to bring... (French)

Midwife Delivery

Midwifery services

At Maison de naissance de l’Estrie (Sherbrooke), at home, or at a hospital centre.
Midwifery services are intended for healthy women who are experiencing a normal pregnancy, essentially the majority of women. Midwives provide complete maternity care from the beginning of pregnancy up to 6 weeks after the delivery to both mother and newborn baby. You can choose where to give birth, specifically:

  • at Maison de naissance de l'Estrie
  • at home
  • at a hospital centre

Services are available free of charge and are a part of the public health care network.

Midwifery Follow-Up Locations


  • 261 Laurier Street, Granby (Québec) J2G 5K9
    450-375-8000, ext. 47500

Other regions

  • 1-866- 525-2323 (toll-free)

Resources and documentation

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